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Wei hacking a security camera after defeating the gangsters on the scene.

Drug Bust missions are short jobs that Wei can undertake to earn Cop XP, Face XP and a small amount of money. The ultimate goal of these missions is to identify suppliers of drugs to gangs and have them arrested, and doing so is done in three steps.

Defeat the local thugs

The first and hardest step is defeating the local gangsters. There can be anywhere from 10 to 20 enemies, with more arriving during the fight, and Wei is required to defeat a set number of them so the rest run off. They are usually a mix of enemy types. A few drug busts (mostly in the places outside along Kennedy Town feature gangsters with hand fighting, Wei can defeat these by making good use of cover and disarming the criminals or using guns found at the scene. Thugs can also be defeated by running them over in a car at sufficient speed, as long as you can get a vehicle into the area. This is less risky than engaging in combat, although thugs will attempt to pull you out of the vehicle. Upon defeating the thugs, Wei is rewarded with Face XP.

Hack the camera

The second step is to gain control of the camera. The camera itself will light up continually, and an orange wire will run from the camera to the access point. At the access point, Wei can use his phone to hack the camera. The camera requires a code of four unique digits, and with each try it displays whether an entered number is correct (green), incorrect (red), or correct (orange) but in the wrong place. The catch is that the system allows a limited number of tries. By starting with 0123 and systematically working upwards, moving around any numbers that are correct but in the wrong place until they turn green will make the process easier.

Identify the supplier

The third step is the simplest. Back at Wei's apartment, checking the television allows access to all hacked security cameras. Camera feeds that currently have triad activity will be marked. On feeds with triad activity, Wei's job is to mark the drug supplier, this is always the person wearing a suit and pacing around. If he is not marked within a certain amount of time, he will get an icon above his head, making him easy to spot. Upon his arrest, Wei is rewarded with Cop XP and HK $10,000.

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