Driving is a gameplay mechanic in Sleeping Dogs and Triad Wars.

The driving segments have been inspired by the Need for Speed series (some of the developers of UFG worked on Need for Speed games), the cars are capable of high speeds but are incapable of nitrous boosts, and take some inspiration from a 2009 Vin Diesel game, Wheelman (both the action hijack maneuver and ramming sideways). The player can opt to hijack a car by using a slim jim (police upgrade required) to enter the locked car door, or by just breaking the glass and entering if the car door is locked. Similar to the Need for Speed series, driving a vehicle is incredibly smooth and very fast, and useful during races depending on which type of vehicle the player is using. While riding a land vehicle the player can ram the vehicle that is to the side and in front (not the back) of the player with a press of a button. There are ramps around Hong Kong. These ramps are useful for performing stunts or taking advantage of an enemy while in mid-air. While driving a vehicle (a car, a motorbike, etc.), Wei can perform what is called an "Action hijack". An Action hijack is a functionality in Sleeping Dogs where Wei Shen jumps from his vehicle and lands on the designated target vehicle and takes the car for himself. To properly perform this maneuver, the player must press the button to hijack while driving a car to prepare Wei for performing the action. If the player is too far from the target vehicle the player cannot perform this action (the target vehicle shows a grey arrow). If the player is close enough to that vehicle (the target vehicle shows a green arrow) the player can perform that maneuver.

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