Death by a Thousand Cuts is a mission in Sleeping Dogs. It is available exclusively with the Triad Enforcer Pack.


  • Endless waves of 18k enemies, composed of all Triad types. All are equipped with either a knife or cleaver. A direct attack will instill a debuff that drains Wei's health, with each hit stacking the damage taken.
  • An indestructible golden cleaver is equipped by Wei at the start.
  • In the Definitive Edition, this mission ends after 30 kills and awards you the Triad Enforcer Outfit, as well as $1000 and Triad XP.


  • While the cleaver rewards more Triad XP with each kill, the sheer number of enemies may become too much for extended use. Using it until the Triad meter is full, then discarding is a good strategy for raking up early XP.
  • When Brawlers join the fight, often after reaching the 10-kills marker, they have a tendency to use a quick-fire move requiring three consecutive counters, else it results in three times health drained.
  • This mission is best saved for when Wei knows more combat moves, especially the disarming techinques and melee buffs, acquired by collecting the Jade Zodiac Statues and ranking both up Police XP and Triad XP.
  • There is one tactic to avoid the enemy and keep them at a distance by running away from them and at the same time picking up the knives, throwing knives at the enemy. A hit kills the enemy right away. See the YouTube video here:
The right way to do death by a thousand cuts03:44

The right way to do death by a thousand cuts

  • Another tactic is to find a "blind spot" in the battle area where the enemies never attack you. From there you can have a break and attack each enemy one by one rather than being surrounded by too many. See the YouTube video here:
    Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 08.09.16
Sleeping Dogs- How to beat Death by 1000 cuts WITHOUT upgrades05:25

Sleeping Dogs- How to beat Death by 1000 cuts WITHOUT upgrades


  • This mission continuously gives Triad XP.
  • Though the mission starts with an infinitely durable golden cleaver equipped, it can still be sometimes lost by dropping it, throwing it, disarming an enemy (Wei takes their weapon and drops his), or if an enemy disarms Wei.
  • Contrary to the name of the mission, enemies spawn beyond 1000 in number.
  • The mission gets its name from Lingchi (凌迟; 凌遲), an ancient torture method that is often translated as "Death by a Thousand Cuts". Wei experiences this torture first-hand in the mission The Election.


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