Conflicted Loyalties
Ricky flirting with Vivienne.
Start Sonny's Place
End Wei's Apartment, Central
Rewards HK $500
Previous Next
Bad Luck The Funeral
"Sonny assigns Wei to break in to Vivienne's apartment to get pictures and evidence in case Vivienne later gets ideas about leaving his management company."
―Game description.

Conflicted Loyalties is a mission in Sleeping Dogs.

Missions and Objectives

Sonny Wo assigns Wei Shen to break into Vivienne Lu's apartment to get pictures and evidence in case Vivienne later gets idea about leaving his management company. Wei later goes to the apartment and then attempts to take the normal door path to the elevators but the Doorman Security Guard didn't let him so Wei went to a nearby Construction site to sneak in. 

Wei went inside and then hacked Vivienne's computer, adding a bug. After doing that he heard that Ricky and Vivienne were coming so Wei went upstairs and hid after adding a camera in Vivienne's bedroom and then waited for Ricky to leave to check on Vivienne, so that he could leave the apartment unseen. He then jumped off the balcony and then went to rendezvous with Pendrew to report Sonny having him plant a camera in Vivienne's apartment. Pendrew tells Wei to get more evidence against Sonny, with Wei demanding that he releases Jackie from HKPD custody. Pendrew agrees and Wei then returns to his home apartment to end the mission using his computer. Vivienne knocked on Wei's door and he wondered what she was doing here saying that he's been helpful to Ricky and her and then attempted to seduce Wei but to her surprise and confusion, he turned down her advances as he didn't want to jeopardize his friendship with Ricky. Nonetheless, Vivienne was grateful and confided in Wei her fears that Sonny was planning to kill her.

After the mission is over, Pendrew contacts Wei one more time to meet with him. Wei and Pendrew meet in the same garage where they had their rendezvous earlier. Pendrew congratulates Wei on the work he did, and fulfills his deal on releasing Jackie. Pendrew tells Wei that he's now being dismissed from the case since there's nothing else Pendrew wants him to do. At that moment, Wei defies Pendrew's order and decides to stay on the case knowing that the Sun On Yee will be needing a new Dragon Head to succeed Uncle Po, and acknowledging the fact that Big Smile Lee would be the worst person for the job. As Wei leaves, Pendrew threatens him one last time before the scene ends.


  • You are able to find two lockboxes.
  • In the construction site, there are three chickens. If you instigate one, they will all attack you, and fighting back is not possible.
  • You are able to retrieve one of the last Jade Statues.
  • You will also be able to find and pray at a health shrine located between the construction site and the apartment.

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