Combat is a gameplay mechanic in Sleeping Dogs and Triad Wars. There are two types of combat: unarmed combat and armed combat. Having learned some Kung Fu at young age, Wei is a master of both. Wei can use any melee weapon in armed combat.

Types of enemies

There are four types of enemies in Sleeping Dogs.


Skinny looking with some skill in unarmed combat, they are the weakest enemies in the game. Most of their attacks include light punches and kicks. On some occasions, they can perform flying kicks or grapple the player. They have a chance to dodge or block attacks. Most of them are usually armed. 

Use everything in your arsenal or your surroundings to get rid of them. If the player has a full face meter, breaks a limb or Ground n' Pound, they will wince back in fear.


Muscular thugs with shaved or scarred heads. Their attacks usually include flailing their fists which can knock back the player. Their attacks cannot be interrupted even by a heavy attack. They can block almost every attack. Unlike strikers and grapplers they won't wince back in fear when you perform a limb breaking or environmental attack on another enemy.

One of the best ways to dispose of them is to grapple them and use the environment to instantly kill them or knock them down. Using the Leg Break or Arm Break melee upgrade also helps and causes surrounding enemies to wince. Their attacks have long counter windows, and counters will easily leave them open to follow-up attacks.


The enemy class with the most health with an overweight appearance. They do the most damage and will usually attempt to grapple, slap, or kick the player. Once the player has been grappled, they can counter it by pressing F for the shoulder grapple or Mouse2 (Right Click) with a hip grapple. However, their grapple cannot be countered if the player grapples them. On the downside, they cannot defend themselves although they can dodge a sweep kick.

They are the hardest to defeat since they cannot be grappled unless Wei has full face meter. Since they cannot defend themselves, a series of light and heavy attacks will defeat them. Wei should always finish his combo with a heavy attack on a grappler or the grappler will retaliate with a slap or hip grapple. When they are low on health, the player can grapple them and perform environmental kills only for a second before they throw the player onto the ground. Like the Strikers, they will wince back in fear if the player has a full face meter, breaks a limb, or Ground n' Pound. They can also disarm Wei if he is wielding any melee weapon. A useful tactic is to eliminate them first.

Another strategy is to maintain distance to avoid their grapple attacks until you defeat other enemies. Their slow movement speed makes this fairly easy. However, a player should always be cautious when grapplers are present while fighting other enemies as their slaps and kicks have very short counter windows.


The strongest enemy class that are named members of both Sun On Yee and 18K. Their attacks vary from unarmed combat to armed combat. These bosses have the traits of all enemy classes and can avoid a Din Mak. Some bosses can counter your attacks.

Known bosses in the original game are as follows (based on appearance in order)

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