Civil Discord
Start North Point Chop Shop
End Vivienne's Apartment
Rewards HK $25000
News Clipping - "SF Metropolitan"
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The Funeral Buried Alive
"Wei and the Water Street Boys have their hands full as Big Smile Lee launches a full-on attack on the Chop Shop and The Golden Koi."
―Game description.

Civil Discord is a mission in Sleeping Dogs.


Meet Conroy in North Point to start the mission. You will see that a few of Big Smile Lee's goons were beating up Tran in his chop shop. Teach them all a lesson until no one is left. Tran then gives Wei an SMG and now you have to go to Golden Koi. Mrs. Chu is under attack and you have to get there fast before time runs out.

After you arrive at Golden Koi, shoot down all enemies while making your way to the restaurant. After you get there, wipe out the enemies' reinforcements. There is a rifle on your right if you run out of ammo.

After that, you will see that Mrs. Chu is being threatened by a gangster. Wei arrives and the gangster then threatens Wei to support Lee or face the consequences. Mrs. Chu then strikes him with her cleaver, killing him. Wei and the others go to the alley and find that more of Big Smile Lee's goons have arrived. Take the shotgun that is next to you and kill them all. After you finish with them, follow Conroy.

He will then give you a grenade launcher, and now you have to blow up all the attacking enemies with it. Make sure you don't hit your allies and keep an eye on their health. Do not fall from the building as it will result in an instant death, and the mission will fail. If you run out of ammo or grenades, take it from the briefcase on your left to refill it.

After you sucessfully fend off Big Smile Lee's attack, get inside Conroy's car and lose the cops. After that, Wei tells Conroy to convince Ricky to defect against Lee and stop supporting him. Drive to Ricky's apartment.

Inside, Conroy holds Ricky at gunpoint, and Wei tries to reason with him to stop supporting Lee. But Ricky tells him that he was loyal to his friends and suspects Wei for sleeping with Vivienne. However, Vivienne denies it and tells Ricky that Sonny only recorded her and Wei together. And since Sonny was in jail, the cops used this to blackmail Vivienne so that she would testify against Sonny in court. Wei then tells Ricky that if Big Smile Lee knows about this, he may order Ricky to kill Vivienne. And so to protect Vivienne, Ricky decided to agree with Wei and defect against Lee.

Wei then tells Conroy to lay low for a while before the latter went off.


  • When she was under attack, Mrs. Chu texted that it was the 18K that were attacking her, despite the fact that it was Big Smile Lee's people, who are also members of Sun On Yee. However, this could be possible as Big Smile Lee was working with the 18K.
  • This mission is an excellent way to gain a lot of Triad XP quickly as the chop shop has several environmental weapons, and both the street and alleyway surrounding the restaurant have several cars that can be blown up, resulting in a very good number of explosive kill opportunities. If you only have a Bronze or Silver medal for the "Car Wrecker" stat award, this mission can greatly help with that as well. If done well enough, the total score can go beyond 2,000 points.

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