Chain of Evidence
Start Club Bam Bam
End North Point underpass
Rewards Candidate Suitability - Wei Shen
Previous Next
Listening In Payback
"Tiffany has a gun in her possession that belonged to one of Dogeyes' men whom she was dating, but she doesn't know what to do with it. She turns to Wei to get rid of it for her."
―Game description.
Chain of Evidence is a mission in Sleeping Dogs.

Mission Summary

Wei is contacted by Tiffany, who's currently in possession of a gun belonging to Charlie Pang (whom she used to date). He has no problem agreeing to take the gun off her hands, which makes her happy. Later, Wei calls Raymond and tells him he has Charlie Pang's gun. He tells Wei to come down to the underpass. When there, Pendrew appears instead and makes Wei reenact the shootout from before to frame Charlie Pang for the murder of an unnamed Triad member. 

This mission serves as a tutorial on guns.

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