Case Two: Hotshot is a mission in Sleeping Dogs. Inspector Jane Teng has Wei investigate Hong Kong's illegal street racing circuit after a man was killed during a race.


Lead 1

First call Jackie Ma who puts you through to Ace, a street racer. Take the impounded 600 Coupe S and go to the race. Winning the race isn't necessary, you just need to finish it.

Lead 2

Get into the van and go to Hotshot's last location and plant a bug under his car before time runs out (90 seconds). Return to the van and shadow Hotshot to his different destinations. Call Teng and drive back to the Undercover HQ in North Point.

Lead 3

Buy a fast Rank C car and race the street gang. This race will be tough if you are using the free 600 Coupe S you got earlier.

Lead 4

You get a call and need to move around to triangulate it (head towards Wah Fi Storage). The scanning minigame will require you to locate the correct green person pin-marker that is common across all four "pings" - wait for the ping and see which marker consistently appears in the same spot across different pings and scan it.

If the call is lost (when the woman drops the call), you fail and need to try again. Once you have the pin and scan the marker, race there (hence the reason for the fast car) before the victim dies.

Check out the crash site on the beach, get a cutscene (where the woman tells Wei that Hotshot killed Ace) and photograph the car while heading back up to the road. Call Teng, then Hotshot, and meet him at Victoria Peak with the fastest (Rank A) car (there's an Etalon at the parking lot at the crash site). Check the Speed Chart for the best one. Follow him to Teng's trap, disable his car, escape the cops, and you're done.

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