Car valet

Keith in game standing next to a car.

"A car? Yeah, Sure. I'll be there right away."

The Car Valet (real name Keith Lui, not to be confused with car park attendant) is a minor character in Sleeping Dogs. He is unlocked upon reaching Face level 4.


To unlock the Car Valet, Wei must reach Face level 4. Immediately after, the player will receive a call on their cellphone from the Valet informing you that "your vehicles are all good to go." His contact will be permanently added to your phone. Upon calling him, the Valet will enthusiastically bring you a vehicle. Your default vehicle can be set at any parking lot by pressing either 'Y' (Xbox), '▲' (Playstation), or 'TAB' (PC).


  • Unlike most contacts, his number will not be removed from Wei's phone and he can be called at any time.
  • During Nightmare in North Point, he is one of the few NPCs to not have glowing eyes.
  • He always is jolly unless he's not able to bring you your car.
  • You cannot grab him.
  • If no valet vehicle is selected in your garage, he will deliver Wei's first vehicle in the game by default, a 270 DX.


  • "A car? Yah sure! I'll be there right away."
  • "Here you go. Don't Reck it too much, Okay."
  • "Uh sorry, I don't have any time"
  • "Here you go! I hope this is good enough."

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