"You have a car in here?"
―Car Park Attendant
Car Park Attendant
Appearance(s):  Sleeping Dogs
Full name:  unknown
Status:  Alive
Gender:  Male
Home:  Hong Kong
Nationality:  Chinese

Car Park Attendant not to be confused with car valet is a character in Sleeping Dogs. The Car Park Attendant appears in all the car parks throughout the map.



"Oh, I wish I could live your life. Just for one day!"
―Car Park Attendant, after Wei chooses an expensive vehicle

The Car Park Attendant often tells the player that he was a stock broker a few years ago. But he got the current job probably due to a stock market crash or windfall loss in speculation.


  • He may sometimes have the same character model is the car valet
  • he has the same voice as the car valet
  • He is envious about Wei Shen's life and often leaves him friendly reminders.

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