Bride to Be
Peggie and wei
Start Golden Koi
End Golden Koi
Rewards HK $2500
Monk Outfit
SFPD Internal Affairs Memo, 08/2010
Winston's Laundry
Previous Next
Uncle Po The Wedding
"Wei plays chauffeur to Winston's bride-to-be, Peggy, on a few errands to prepare for the wedding but things take a turn for the worse when Winston texts Wei that he dropped the ball on a few preparations."
―Game description.
Bride to Be is a mission in Sleeping Dogs.


Wei, tasked by Mrs. Chu, must run errands with Winston Chu's bride to be, Peggy Li, to make sure that all the preparations are in place that will make the wedding perfect. She first asks Wei to bring her to the flower and bridal shop. Wei must make sure to keep Peggy in a good mood by driving carefully. At the bridal shop, Peggy makes some final bouquet decisions but is disappointed to hear the shop cannot acquire any Black Orchid flowers for a centerpiece arrangement. Next, Peggy directs Wei to drive her to the Cake Shop to pick up the wedding cake. In route, he receives a text from Winston informing him the cake is being stolen and orders Wei to stop the robbery. Wei reaches the shop just in time to witness the Cake Delivery Van race off with the cake aboard; lying to Peggy about the driver having the wrong address, he aggressively pursues the van. When the van refused to pull over, Wei is forced to follow it and stop the van immediately, leaving Peggy to follow him in the car back to the Bus Depot where he turns the cake and van over to one of Winston's crew. Getting back in the car, Peggy asks Wei to drive her to the Temple. At the Temple, Wei fast talks past the Monks to get to the Black Orchid, but a Monk sets off the alarm bell in the process. Wei is forced to fight through the Monks to get back to Peggy. After escaping the Temple with the flowers, Wei changes into Winston's clothes (which were in the trunk) and drops Peggy off at an unnamed location for Mahjong.

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