"The perfect city car: low emissions and a park anywhere footprint."
―In game description

The Bisai is a vehicle featured in Sleeping Dogs.

  • Price: HK $29,000
  • Store: North Point Chop Shop
  • Requirements: None

Due to its quick acceleration, it is a good, cheap car for ramming enemies at drug busts or lockboxes.

Its name, Bisai, has the same sound as the Chinese word “比赛”, which means to compete with others or to race against others.

It's roughly based on Smart Fortwo, especially the BRABUS performance version.

The UFG tuned and Upgraded Bisai is available with the 'Community Gift Pack'.

In the mission Bad Luck, Wei drives one (accompanied with Old Salty Crab, who told Wei he actually wanted to buy cars like the Bisai) to escape the guards. Its quick acceleration allows Wei to quickly escape Two Chin Tsao's mansion and safely transports both of them outside.


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