Big Smile Lee
Start Central
End Aberdeen
Rewards HKD 350,000
HKPD IA Report: Supt. Thomas Pendrew
Plainclothes Cop Outfit
Previous Next
The Election None
"With everyone he cares about dead, Wei hunts down Big Smile Lee."
―Game description.

Big Smile Lee is a mission in Sleeping Dogs. It is the final story mission in the game.

This mission immediately begins after completing The Election.


Picked up right where The Election was left off, Wei escapes the building. He proceeds to kill Mr. Tong's remaining henchmen and steal Tong's car. Along the way, he remembers various dialogues from various characters. As soon as he arrives at the compound, Wei decided to settle things with Big Smile Lee once and for all.


The mission begins at this point if you are replaying it. If this is the case, then you will not have the machete.

Make your way to the compound and beat up all the enemies there. Follow the waypoint and you will encounter a guy with a rifle. Take that rifle from him before you proceed. Wei will now has to fire his way through the armed goons to go to Big Smile Lee's restaurant. At the restaurant, watch out for the innocents and the hostage to keep your cop score high.

Once you get inside the restaurant, Lee will notices Wei's presence and order his men to kill him, including Ponytail from Meet The New Boss. Wipe out all Big Smile Lee's bodyguards and execute Ponytail for good. You can shoot the gas near Ponytail to kill him quickly.

Wei will then enters Lee's office, only to be shot by Lee in his shoulder. Lee's shotgun gets jammed and attempts to run away from Wei. Chase Lee across the pier, and he will try to escape in a speed boat. Wei then runs and jumps onto his boat. Wei then grabs Lee's boat before it crashes into a gas station and explodes.

Wei manages to survive the collision, but he was put into submission by Lee. Lee then reveals to Wei that Pendrew had betrayed him by blowing Wei's cover and then prepares to execute Wei. But Wei disarms Lee and the two of them commence in a hand-to-hand combat.

In the final battle, Wei is severely injured and cannot attack like he normally does. So you can only wait for Big Smile Lee to attack and counter him. Keep countering his attacks until a point where Wei tackles Lee to the ground and punches him. You have to quickly push the button you regularly use to punch to beat up Lee. Finally, grab him, and throw him to the ice chipper to finish him off.


The Police arrives at the scene and picks up Wei. Raymond appears and talks about Pendrew's promotion, meaning that he's done with both of them. Wei tells Raymond that Pendrew sold him out and blew his cover, and Raymond says that there's nothing they can do about it since Pendrew has gained a promotion as an Interpol, thus making him invincible to any charges from a police officer. He tells Wei that the case is closed and that he should take a rest.

The next day, Wei finds a document sent by Broken Nose Jiang to him, and surprisingly addressed him as "Officer Shen" while she is addressed as "Aunt Jiang". Wei finds an USB inside the document file, and plugs it into his computer. It contains a surveillance recording of Pendrew and Uncle Po in the day before his death. It turns out that Uncle Po was the one who gave him "The Three Tigers" to advance his career in order to let him and Sonny continue to operating their businesses. Pendrew then tells him that before he gain his promotion, he has to take care of both Sonny and Uncle Po so that he will be free from any suspicions. After that, Pendrew injects a poison syringe at Uncle Po's life support to kill him. Wei uses this evidence to testify against Pendrew and put him in jail, ending his career.

At the department, Wei confronts Pendrew, who had become an inmate, in the interrogation room. Pendrew tells Wei that whatever he did, he makes Hong Kong a better place, and chastises Wei for getting way too close with the Sun On Yee and that he deserves to die at the hands of Big Smile Lee. Wei then tells Pendrew that everybody gets what they deserve, including him. Wei also reveals that he already told the whole Sun On Yee members inside the prison about his involvement in Uncle Po's death. Pendrew shocked with this revelation and realizes that the gangsters inside the prison will murder him for what he did. When Pendrew attempts to plead with Wei, he tells him that it was his plan all along.

Wei then meets Inspector Teng in a park, thanking her for letting him help her with her cases, which is the only thing that kept him sane. Teng asks Wei about what he's going to do next. Wei tells her that he may stay in Hong Kong for awhile.

Meanwhile, Jiang, who had been appointed as the new chairman, Pockmark and Old Salty Crab have been recording their whole conversations from the limo. When Pockmark asks Jiang about Wei's fate, Jiang simply replies that even thought he's an undercover cop, his actions are still loyal to her and the Sun On Yee. Jiang then tells Pockmark to let Wei live before Salty drives away.


  • In the original edition of Sleeping Dogs, Wei wears an all-black suit during this mission. In Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition, Wei's outfit is different, instead including a grey suit jacket.