Bad Luck
Start Kennedy Town
End Two Chin's House
Rewards HK $500
Previous Next
Fast Girls Conflicted Loyalties
"In order to mess up Two Chin Tsao's confidence, Broken Nose Jiang sends Wei and her trusted employee Old Salty Crab to mess up a bunch of things to make him worried about Feng Shui and ghosts."
―Game description.
Bad Luck is a mission in Sleeping Dogs.


Wei meets Broken Nose Jiang near the fountain. She explains that Two Chin Tsao is getting way too comfortable with his new temporary position as Chairman for Uncle Po and will more likely make it permanent if he fails to recover from the massacre at Winston's wedding. Wei knows that Big Smile Lee will most likely kill him before he lets that happen, allowing him to take over the chairman position for himself. Jiang then says that Two Chin must go for his own safety, but not be removed by force. She explains he'll step down on his own, after an election, due to his obsession with the heroin. He was able to control his habit, but according to her, anyone who lives like him lives permanently on the brink of an abyss. She adds that he is superstitious and heavily obsessed with Feng Shui and cannot bear to have anything out of place, for the fear of the misfortune that will result, which she wants to happen. Wei gladly accepts her proposal.


Get inside Old Salty Crab's car and drive to Two Chin's mansions, you will then see Two Chin's leaving for gambling. Go to the apartment in front of you, and fast talk with a woman. Wei will tell her that he had a delivery for her husband and she opens the door for them. Proceed further to the road and fast talk any guards that see you. After you arrive at his mansion, go to your left, climb the wall and kick the door open so that Old Salty Crab can get in. Wei now has to pick his mansion door's lock to get in.

Inside, it is time to have a little fun. Old Salty Crab will instruct you to ruin his feng shui by breaking his 4 vases (if you destroy more than 4 by accident, it's okay. The mission won't fail). After that, pick the lock of his self that contains a jade statue, and take it. Then get to his clock and make Wei set it up to an unlucky number. Finally, move Two Chin's piano away.

A security guard will come and become suspicious. Hide behind the couch and wait until he stops investigating. After he leaves, get out of the mansion. Old Salty Crab will notice a surveillance camera. Go to the camera and hack it. You will see Two Chin, who apparently had lost in his gambling, arrives at his mansion in frustration. Inside, Two Chin will be shocked over the condition of his mansion. He then breaks down and tells his people to leave him alone, then go into seclusion. After that, follow Old Salty Crab to a security Bisai, and go to the exit to complete the mission.

After the mission is over, Broken Nose Jiang calls Wei and informs him of Uncle Po's death and that a funeral has been arranged, despite the fact that things may get complicated.

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