Start North Point Apartment
End Sifu Kwok
Rewards Amanda's phone number
Previous Next
Mini Bus Racket Club Bam Bam
Amanda is a mission in Sleeping Dogs. Wei Shen meets Amanda Cartwright during this mission.

Summary: Wei must show Amanda around the city. Afterwards, Amanda gives Wei her phone number, giving him the option to call her for another date.


  • This mission is not replayable. Furthermore, it will not award the player any money, Police, Triad, or Face XP. However, there will be no penalty for running people over or damaging property, except for Amanda commenting negatively about it.
  • Even if Wei purchased a vehicle from a Car Dealership or unlocked one from a DLC, the 270 DX will be the only spawnable vehicle. The car attendant will also say something like "Here you go" regardless of Wei's Face XP level, which he only regularly says at Face Level 1. Once the mission is complete however, Wei will be able to use whatever vehicle the player desires. There will be no mission-related clothing restrictions, however.

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