The Aggressor Armoured is a vehicle featured in Sleeping Dogs. The van is based on the armoured vans found in Hong Kong which are modified 5.5 ton trucks.

In later part of the game, the player can steal Knox Vans, represented by an orange shield on top of the truck, for a good sum of money, after escaping from police pursuit. When the player first starts stealing these Knox Vans, the payout is low and the player gets an instant minor heat level. But as the player keeps stealing them, the payout increases, up to a total of HK$ 55,000. However, the heat level increases over time, until it reaches the maximum of 5, which makes escaping more difficult. The player should also be aware that on heat level 4 and 5, the police will shoot at the player, until the Knox Van explodes, the player gets killed, or if the police loses line of sight. Also, Wei will still earn a wanted level even if he steals this vehicle while wearing a Police outfit even if on foot.

The SWAT Van is a varient of the Knox Van used by the police.

Tips & Tricks

  • An easy way to steal a Knox Van and escape from the police would be to drive to your apartment. Get out of the Aggressor Armoured and simply walk inside. After a few seconds, the police will quit pursuit, and you can safely drive to the nearest garage and collect the payout.
  • The Knox Van's AI will avoid stopping for the player by swerving past them or doing a complete U-Turn in order to avoid being hijacked. However it's AI can be exploited easily by causing it to make a U-Turn into a corner in which it will struggle to escape.
  • Get up close to it with the DZS-90 and Use its EMP Ability to shut off the Knox Van's engine temporary.

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