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Aberdeen Houseboat interior

The Aberdeen Houseboat is a houseboat safehouse available to Sleeping Dogs protagonist Wei Shen, and the third to be made availiable to him.

The houseboat is nicely furnished with hardwood floors. There is a kitchen, a useable bathroom, a wardrobe for Wei to change his clothes, a bed, and an unusable workout bag.

The houseboat is available after completion of the mission Initiation.


There are four upgrades available for this apartment.

  • Giant Movie Poster (HKD $250) - Located on the triple road fork south of the Aberdeen Martial Arts Club, at the end of the sidewalk of the right fork.
  • Strange Idol (HKD $12000) - Located up a staircase in the side-streets south of the Aberdeen Apothecary Store.
  • Awesome Pet Bird (HKD $3000) - Located in a small stall northwest of the Aberdeen Docks Massage Parlor.
  • Stolen Art (HKD $5200) - Located to the west-southwest of the Awesome Pet Bird seller, around the back of a light blue two-story house next to to a pink one.


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