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Aberdeen Houseboat interior

The Aberdeen Houseboat is a houseboat safehouse available to Sleeping Dogs protagonist Wei Shen, and the third to be made available to him. This is also the only safehouse that is not an apartment.

The houseboat is nicely furnished with hardwood floors. There is a kitchen, a usable bathroom, a wardrobe for Wei to change his clothes, a bed, and an unusable workout bag.

The houseboat is available after completion of the mission Initiation. Though, like all other safehouses, it can be available if Wei enters the place before completing the aforementioned mission.


There are four upgrades available for this apartment.

  • Giant Movie Poster (HKD $250) - Located on the triple road fork south of the Aberdeen Martial Arts Club, at the end of the sidewalk of the right fork.
  • Strange Idol (HKD $12000) - Located up a staircase in the side-streets south of the Aberdeen Apothecary Store.
  • Awesome Pet Bird (HKD $3000) - Located in a small stall northwest of the Aberdeen Docks Massage Parlor.
  • Stolen Art (HKD $5200) - Located to the west-southwest of the Awesome Pet Bird seller, around the back of a light blue two-story house next to to a pink one.