The 626 MHC Taxi is a vehicle featured in Sleeping Dogs. It comes in three varieties: green, blue and red. Wei Shen can use the Taxi to drive to some specific locations around Hong Kong. Likes all vehicles it cannot be saved in your garage but can be stolen/hijacked and then driven around. In most cases the taxi fare is charged at a maximum of HK $310 regardless of distance however by pointing a firearm at the Taxi driver and then using the taxi, you can get a free ride.

Sometimes, if Wei Shen is driving the Taxi, a non-playable character may get in the taxi thinking that Wei Shen is a taxi driver, at which point Shen will ask, "Do I look like a cab driver to you?".

The Taxi is based on the Toyota Crown Sedan, which is currently used in Hong Kong today.

There are also civilian version and sports version of this car, can be seen wandering around in Hong Kong streets (their names are 625 MHC and 625 MHC GTS). The sports version of this car is the one with bodykits, a rear spoiler, and twin exhaust, whereas the civilian version looks exactly like the Taxi version except it has no taxi accessories such as roof-mounted taxi sign and taxi decals. The sports version of this car resembles the supercharged TRD Comfort GT-Z.

In real life, the taxis in Hong Kong are color coded based on where they are allowed to operate, and green and blue taxis are not allowed on Hong Kong Island, where the game takes place.