18K Triad
Members of the 18K
Locations: Hong Kong
Leader: Unknown
Type: Triad
Enemies: Sun On Yee
Affiliations: Dogeyes Lin
Vehicles: Taikai, CS 750 R, Hassha, Neo V
Businesses: Drugs Trafficking, Robbery, Goods Smuggling, Human Trafficking, Organ Harvesting
Fronts: Top Glamour Imports
Members: Four Finger Wu, Zi Wai, Horseface, Newshoes

18K Triad is a Triad organization based in Hong Kong. They want to eliminate the Sun On Yee and take their underworld superiority. Some of their criminal operations include goods smuggling, robbery and drugs trafficking. Top Glamour Imports seems to be a front for 18K criminal activities as seen in the mission 'Loose Ends'.


Initiated Members


Real life influences

The 18K Triad is based on the real life 14K Triad, which is the main rival of the Hong Kong Sun Yee On Triad and a Macau group, Wo On Lok (Shui Fong) Triad. The 14K has an estimate of around 20,000 members worldwide - split into thirty subgroups.